Wooden houses – a fashion cry or an impractical whim?

Almost fifty years of the People’s Republic of Poland significantly changed the Polish approach to construction. The old tendency to construct wooden buildings has been replaced by concrete structures. It is hardly surprising – the construction technology of that time was not as developed as it is now, and wooden buildings were not resistant to weather conditions at the time. However, times have changed, architecture and material science have moved forward, and with opening to the west, the concept of modern, ecological wooden houses has become popular . Are they comfortable to use, or are they a non-practical whim and a return to the times rightly gone by?

Retro is in fashion

The ever-growing popularity of wooden houses is related to the Scandinavian approach to architecture popularizing in Poland. The Scandinavian style is slowly starting to dominate in interior design, and Poles looking for ecological solutions and contact with nature turn to the latest solutions of Scandinavian architects, i.e. a wooden house.. With the right approach and accessories such as the obligatory insulation, such buildings are not only convenient to use, but also extremely aesthetic. Let us remember that eclectic “manors” with supposedly Greek columns are slowly disappearing in Polish architecture, which have been replaced by the retro fashion, which manifests itself both in functional architecture (eg Manufaktura in Łódź or Koszyki hall in Warsaw), but also in residential architecture. Wooden houses fit particularly well in a gentrified, suburban village where modern buildings stand shoulder to shoulder with old houses from the early communist period. The choice of a wooden house is a tribute to the architectural traditions and the atmosphere of a home from the heart of our grandparents’ stories.

All-year-round wooden houses, large and small

On the market, you can find numerous ready-made diagrams of year-round wooden houses designed in accordance with the principles of using ecological materials. Such concern for the environment arises not only from the use of natural materials, but also pure pragmatism – ecological buildings require less gas or electricity to heat. Thanks to the technological advances of the last decades, when planning the construction of a wooden house, we no longer have to limit ourselves to the size of the whole – technology allows us to build huge wooden houses with all the necessary equipment, such as electrical, gas or sewage installations. Before planning the investment, it is also worth paying attention to the plot surrounding the building. For wooden housesa large, well-kept garden reminiscent of an English countryside is best suited. It is worth remembering that not every wooden building has to have the original brown color. In most cases, you can use special wood paints that should last for at least several seasons.

How to design a wooden house interior?

When it comes to interior design of wooden houses , the rustic style is undoubtedly the best. Although its origins can be traced back to the old, rural architecture, today the rustic style is a combination of traditional elements and materials with modern accessories and furniture. It is worth noting that this trend of interior design often uses wood, both for floors and walls, furniture and ceilings . The wooden finish of the house will perfectly match its external appearance, which will allow you to achieve the effect of originality and amazing-looking wooden houses. An alternative to the rustic style should be the Scandinavian style, whose bright colors will counterbalance the external, brown walls of the building. 

Wooden summer houses and houses on the plot

Small wooden houses are also very often built as part of a small cottage that allows you to go on holiday to the mountains or the sea, or as part of a cottage on a plot allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In both cases, these buildings are mainly characterized by their small size. Moreover, they often do not even have a bathroom or a bedroom, and the couches serve as a bed. This kind of wooden housesit is primarily a cheap way to quickly put a building on a plot. The wood will fit perfectly into the surrounding trees and shrubs, and the house itself will be not only aesthetic, but also durable. Due to the fact that the building is used in the summer, in many cases it will be an unnecessary luxury to provide the house with thermal insulation, gas or sewage installation. Building wooden houses for a plot and a summer house is also extremely cheap, which allows for considerable savings.

We have no doubts that wooden houses are not an impractical whim, but an extremely useful and durable fashion statement that fits perfectly into the landscape of villages and suburbs, as well as summer and city plots. Before deciding on this type of house, we encourage you to carefully consider all types of wood available in construction, not only in terms of aesthetics, but also usability.